adidas Lumbar Support

Adidas waist belt for protection of renal and lumbar back is made of high quality breathable neoprene. The neoprene has excellent insulation properties. The temperature of strained muscles is very important for the expansion of blood vessels, which will increase the blood flow in the area, and thus improve the performance of local metabolism. With automatic evaporation of sweat the belt becomes more comfortable for the skin. For perfectly accurate fixation is the Adidas waist belt equipped with robust Velcro fasteners, thanks to which you can set the exact firmness of the belt. The Adidas waist belt supports the natural upright posture, warms the area of the kidneys and relieves backache. Furthermore, it can relieve or prevent pain in the lumbar area, which is caused by excessive stress, poor seating, or lack of exercise.With this Adidas waist belt, you can safely return to your favorite sporting activity, where you were in danger of straining the lumbar part of the back.

Technical parameters:

  • quality waist belt
  • anatomical shape (adapts to the contours of your body)
  • automatic evaporation of sweat
  • thermal insulation
  • high-quality Velcro
  • relieves pain in lumbar back
  • protection of the lumbar back
  • material: 60% neoprene, 40 % nylon
  • sizes: S / M ( 74-91 cm), L / XL ( 91-112 cm)
  • suitable for poor seating / posture / lack of exercise
  • immediate relief from pain

Item Code: AD-12220

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