A relatively light weight held close to your body won't have a radical effect on your muscles but if you place that weight a long way from your centre of gravity then the effects can really start to be noticeable. These wrist weights have a super quick on/off design so that they are comfortable and at the same time practical. The soft material gives you a close fit but also ensures that you can use your hands freely at any time which means that you can keep them on whilst changing the volume on your iPod® or tying up you shoe laces.

Wear your wrist weights when you are doing fast high repetition exercise like Zumba® and Body Combat® sessions so that you can pump and punch through all the moves knowing that you are getting extra fat burning and strength effects that all those guys with bare hands are missing out on.

It is our job to think of everything and because we work out and test all our products rigorously and personally we have made sure that the little details make a big difference. For example when you are wearing your weights you still have complete use of your fingers which makes little things like opening water bottles and tying you shoe laces so much easier.

Did you know?... The unique thumb design ensures that you can seamlessly go from one exercise to the next, so if one minute you are jogging then the next you are using your hands for press ups the anatomical design gives you complete freedom of movement.

The Reebok Wrist Weights are made from a super soft material to keep you comfortable whilst maintaining a firm grip on your wrists. Using these wrist weights whilst doing fast high repetition exercises helps to burn extra fat whilst building strength, so you can see quicker results.


  • Unique thumb lock
  • Easily adjustable velcro straps
  • Sold in pairs

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Brand: Reebok

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