Flame SB201 12'' Leather Softball SSA AP

Despite the sport's name, softballs are not especially soft. The size of the ball varies according to the classification of play.

A 12-inch circumference ball is generally used in slow pitch, although in rare cases some leagues like recreational leagues they make use of a 14-inch circumference ball. Some balls have a raised seam, and others do not.

The ball is usually covered in white or yellow leather sewn together with red thread, although other coverings are permitted. The core of the ball may be made of long fibber kapok, or a mixture of cork and rubber, or a polyurethane mixture.


• Flame SB201 12- inch softball
• Covered with white leather, stitched together with white thread
• Available in white only


Item Code: FLSB20112

Brand: Flame

Our Price: R99.95

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